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Felber Penne Rigate Pasta

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  • Pasta is an integral part of the Medittaranean diet and ranks lower on the glycemic index than other commonly consumed carbohydrates like rice and bread. Unlike other grains
  • it cooks easily and quickly and is particularly suitable for the high-pressure
  • fast-paced lives we lead today. Though it cooks quickly
  • pasta keeps you full for longer because its low glycemic load ensures a slow glucose release. That makes it even more perfect for people with full lives. Felber pasta is proudly produced in Turkey
  • a country known for its agricultural history and culinary heritage. Penne Rigate is great for sopping up sauces but also in pasta salads or baked in a casserole. It can be used for white and cheesy sauces and also meat sauces like Bolognese and Ragu or their vegetarian and vegan versions
  • its long tubular shape trapping bits of the goodness and promising each bite to be succulent and special.

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